State-of-the-art asset management

Asset Management is where we come from. Executing day-to-day activities in the fields of asset strategy, risk, budget, governance, safety, engineering, operations, maintenance, performance, and innovation for 5 GW of Uniper hydropower plants in Europe equips our team with a unique skillset.

On behalf of the owner, our aim is to increase the value of hydro portfolios under operation through state-of-the-art Asset Management by

  • Leveraging managerial, technical, and commercial capabilities coming from the significant European asset base of Uniper.
  • Realizing performance improvements demanded by rapid transformation of energy sectors in general and the power business in particular.

  • Deploying the profound industry insights of a distinguished management team and exceptional professionals who are eager to create value for your business.


Fields of asset management services

Fields of asset management services

Our experience in asset operations

Next to his managing director role at Hydropower Evolutions, Klaus Engels also heads the German hydropower operations of Uniper Kraftwerke GmbH. Below you can find an overview of the hydropower assets under operation for which Hydropower Evolutions' management team and their affiliated network of engineers at Uniper take responsibility. Please click on the images for a close-up.

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