A strong energy company

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Uniper has the right assets, knowledge, and skills to succeed in the classic energy world. We have a deep understanding of global and regional energy markets, regulatory regimes, and market designs. We have a wide range of capabilities in the construction, management, and operation of large-scale energy assets as well as the optimization and risk management of assets and contracts. And we have long-standing relationships with industrial customers, municipal utilities, system operators, and our suppliers. These strengths and networks reinforce one another.




There are three main areas in which we deploy our strengths:

  • We help ensure security of supply in Europe as it transitions to a low-carbon future
    The growth of intermittent renewable generation increases the need for flexible power plants that can meet fluctuating demand at short notice; our generation portfolio is well suited to this task. In addition, our midstream gas business helps ensure supply security through a diverse portfolio of long-term gas contracts along with gas storage, transport, and regasification capacity.

  • Our trading activities connect global commodity markets
    Global trading in commodities like natural gas and coal is bringing energy markets from America to Asia closer together. As markets become more interconnected and dynamic, they create more opportunities for companies that can build bridges between regional markets, respond swiftly to changes in supply and demand, and use their knowledge of supply chains to better manage commodity risk. Uniper has a flexible portfolio of long-term gas import contracts, coal, and LNG. This portfolio not only enables us to meet our own fuel needs but also to provide our customers with bespoke products and services.

  • We support the development of power markets outside Europe with our own generation activities and our services for third parties
    Uniper has a significant platform of technologically advanced generation assets across Europe and in Russia. As the demand for dispatchable generation capacities is growing in a number of markets, we’re well positioned to market our capabilities in building and operating assets and in supplying fuel to third parties.