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Hydropower Evolutions relies on a highly experienced, dedicated, and performance-driven team of industry professionals. Our core team represents the starting point for reaching out to a great number of talented hydropower engineers within our global network.

Management Team

Klaus Engels

Dr. Klaus Engels, Managing Director

PhD and MSc in Electrical Engineering, MSc in Economics

Comprehensive technical and commercial expertise in the worldwide energy industry, in-depth analytical, strategic and cross cultural skills with strong entrepreneurship and performance orientation

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Bernhard Miller

Bernhard Miller, Managing Director

MSc in Civil Engineering, Master of Business Administration St. Gallen (MBA-HSG)

Technical and financial management of complex projects, strong analytics, strategy and business development, key account management, cultural intelligence, future-oriented mindset and action

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Expert panel

Expert Panel

  • Eckhardt Rümmler,
    Chief Operating Officer, Uniper SE
  • Dr. Sopna Sury
    Executive Vice President, Uniper Energy Services & Infrasructure
  • David Bryson
    Chief Operating Officer, Uniper Asset Operations

Technical Team 

Oliver Frönd

Oliver Frönd, Senior Hydropower Expert

MSc in Civil Engineering

Due diligences, planning, design, and construction of small to mid-scale hydropower projects in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia and Africa including management of site investigation and operational training

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Liza G. Januar

Liza G. Januar, Business Development Manager

BA Cultural Science, BA in Public Relation and Marketing Communication

Project management office, coordination and support of external partners, suppliers and stakeholders, relationship management and business development Southeast Asia, in particular Indonesia

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Reinhold Metzler

Reinhold Metzler, Senior Hydropower Expert 

MSc in Mechanical Engineering

Due diligences, feasibility studies, program management, and rehabilitation of hydropower plants in emerging markets, including roles as lender's and owner's engineer for development banks and financial institutions


Benedikt Sander-Kessels

Benedikt Sander-Kessels, Senior Hydropower Expert 

MSc in Civil Engineering

Due diligences, planning, design, and construction of international infrastructure projects with strong focus on hydropower plants ranging from small installation to large dam projects and pumped-storage plants

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Dr. Peter Droogers, Senior Hydrologist

Contracted expert from our partner FutureWater
PhD in Soil Physics, BSc in Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering

Exentsive expertise in hydrology, hydrometry, hydrological modelling, irrigation, climate change, remote sensing and computer simulation in the context of water resource management and hydropower


Peter Jewitt

Peter Jewitt, Senior Geologist

MSc in Engineering Geology, MSc in Construction Management

40 years of worldwide experience in tunnerling, dam construction and hydropower, ensuring safe, cost-effective and reliable major assete projects


Rachel Lorenzen

Dr. Rachel Lorenzen, Senior Environmental Expert

PhD in Resource Management, MSc in Agricultural Science

Identification, impact assessment and mitigation of environmental, social, health and safety issues, development of practical and appropriate solutions to minimize environmental impacts and project risks

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Stephan Lorenzen

Dr. Stephan Lorenzen, Senior Social Scientist

PhD and MA in Social Anthropology

Sustainability development with particular focus on social impact and risk assessment, monitoring and mitigation, baseline studies as well as cultural heritage management according to international standards


Jeannette Tschudy

Jeannette Tschudy, CAD Specialist

Diploma in Construction Planning and Design

Planning and design of hydropower stations and related infrastructure located in complex physical environments with the help of state-of-the-art computer-aided design (CAD) software and tools


Support Team

  • Amar Bakir, Legal Counsel
  • Eva Maria Zeilhofer, Team Assistant
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