IFC Assessment of Hydropower Potential on 200+ Dams in Indonesia

The IFC was approached by the Government of Indonesia to conduct a rapid assessment of hydro potential at PU Pera's existing dams. The aim was to identify projects with an estimated hydropower potential of >30 MW. As the result of an international tender HE, together with their Indonesian sub-contractor, was appointed to carry out this assessment.

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Project profile

  • Business field: Advisory
  • Client: International Finance Corporation (IFC)
  • Location: 200+ multi-purpose dams throughout Indonesia
  • Duration: 9 months
  • Year: 2015

Services provided

  • Extensive data research and evaluation (plausibility, quality, relevance)
  • Development of screening methodology (determination of criteria, weighting for ranking, rankingcapproach in two phases)
  • Formulation of final report including conclusions and recommendations


  • Project Identification and Ranking Methodology
  • Stage 1: Project Ranking Matrix containing more than 200 dams (Desk Level)
  • Stage 2: Site sssessments at most promising locations 
  • GHG Evaluation Report for final options
  • High-level stakeholder presentation for Government of Indonesia


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